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These terms apply to your use of the online ordering system part of this website and your purchase of products from Turoaz on this website. If accepted, these terms will be legally binding and will affect the responsibilities of Turoaz and your transactions on the website.Please read care

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After registering, you will receive your user name and password. You are the only authorized user assigned to your Turoaz account. It is your responsibility to keep the access information confidential. You can manage for all orders issues on this site by using your account information.The user name and password are the property of Turoaz, and we can change or cancel them any time.


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Order and Purchases 

Product orders must be submitted in accordance with the Turoaz online order procedure and must contain all required information. All orders are subject to acceptance by Taroaz. You will pay the effective price when you submit the order.You should check the price when you place an order. You are responsible for any taxes, duties, fees or other charges imposed by government authorities on any of your purchases. You can apply for exemption from such fees by submitting appropriate evidence to Turoaz before ordering.

Limited Warranty

Turoaz guarantees that all products purchased by you (excluding upgrades and performance parts) will not show defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service conditions, with a warranty period of 12 months, whichever comes first, or an explicit manufacturer's warranty period, whichever is greater. The warranty does not apply to worn parts or parts that are defective due to improper installation, disassembly, repair or diagnosis, negligence, improper handling, change, modification or lack of maintenance, flood, accident or fire.If the product sold or installed is damaged due to the use of the vehicle in competitive or off-road driving, this warranty will expire. Turoaz does not include labor costs for removal or damage due to incidental or consequential damage caused by defective products.